When I initially started this blog last year, my idea was to create a space for fashion and beauty with a hint of mental wellness. Almost a year has gone by and I realized this week the reason I didn’t continue to pursue this blog was not because “I wasn’t cut out for it” or “I am not good at sticking through things”. I did beat my self up for a while because I was just not finding the “right” topics or the “right content” to put out. I went down the rabbit hole there for a while, only to realize my initial intention and intuition was correct. I do want to help others, I do want to share information.. I just need to do it differently. While I am passionate about beauty and fashion, the reality is most of my time is spent inside my head and in the…

Hey there thanks for stopping by! I wanted to write a blog post about double cleansing for any heavy makeup users out there. I have covered many of the questions that came to my mind when I was struggling to find a proper way to cleanse my skin.

To give you a bit of the backstory, I discovered double cleansing while on a mission to stop clusters of breakouts from happening every time I wore makeup. I searched for the healthiest kinds of foundations, thinking that was the problem. I tried Oil-free, no parabens, and non-SPF. Even after all my efforts in searching, I kept breaking out.

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